A day in the life

Below is a breakdown of a typical day at a LifeCast event: 

8-9am         Personal devotion time & breakfast with your Family Group
9-12pm       Training Session #1
12-3pm        Lunch & Free Time
3-5pm          Training Session #2
5:30pm        Dinner
8pm             Spiritual Practice
9pm             Night Activity/Free Time



The training days you receive at LifeCast will prepare you to disciple peers through a small group back at your college or church. Jesus spent 3 years training his disciples to lead the church. We will spend time training you to lead your small group through Identity in Christ (during odd-numbered years) and Biblical Community (during even-numbered years).  The key to understanding the training day is that In order to best prepare you to lead a small group after LifeCast, we have designed the schedule so that every student has the opportunity to learn, teach, and receive feedback on their content delivery.

Training sessions days will begin with your Family Group Leader training a few LifeCast students in the day’s lesson while the remaining LifeCast participants practice teaching the previous days’ lesson. One hour later, the newly trained LifeCast students will train the remaining LifeCast participants in the day’s lesson. After lunch and free time, all of the LifeCast participants will go through the day’s lesson together to train each other. Each day will include time for reflection on the day’s lesson, observation and feedback from fellow LifeCast students and WinShape staff.


spiritual practices

At LifeCast, we will provide specific times during the day to learn and practice spiritual disciplines. These times of spiritual practices will begin with a short, self-guided introduction to a spiritual discipline that has been beneficial to God’s people throughout history. The rest of the time will be spent practicing the discipline and spending intentional time with God.  By the end of the week, LifeCast students will have learned and practiced several new-to-you spiritual disciplines that can be used throughout the next stages of their journey with Christ.