Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost?

5-Day: The total cost for a LifeCast 5-Day participant is $1,000, however participants are only responsible for a portion of this cost. WinShape College Program covers 50% of this total cost, and the remaining 50% is shared between the participant and the ministry partner of the participant. The participant and the ministry partner communicate to determine how the sharing of this remaining cost will be split.

3-Day: A 3-Day participant similarly receives the cost of their event experience greatly subsidized by the WinShape College Program. A LifeCast 3-Day partner church or ministry confirms a 3-Day event by paying a $400 deposit, securing event dates.  Following this deposit, each participant who signs up is responsible for a $50 payment.  The hosting church or ministry provides all lodging, meals, and meeting space.  


Where is LifeCast?

5-Day: We currently have two site locations for our 5-Day LifeCast training experiences which host multiple ministry partners:

  • Impact 360 Institute in Pine Mountain, GA. Right next door to Callaway Gardens Resort, this facility has dorm-style housing, recreational facilities, interactive multimedia space and breakout areas that are designed specifically for college students.
  • WinShape Retreat in Mount Berry, GA. Nestled on the beautiful Mountain Campus at Berry College, this facility features retreat-style lodging, meeting space, and breathtaking views of the north Georgia mountains.

We will work with each ministry partner and LifeCast participant to determine which site location is best for you.

3-Day: Our 3-Day events with one ministry partner is hosted on campus at that partner's church or campus ministry's facility. 


What is provided during LifeCast?

5-Day: Experienced trainers & staff | Meeting space, lodging, & meals | Training & programming | Proven Identity in Christ or Biblical Community content

3-Day: Experienced trainers & staff | Training & programming | Proven Identity in Christ or Biblical Community content

Additional Resources for Participants:

  • One content teaching manual & one workbook per participant
  • 4-6 extra workbooks per participant for Life Groups in following semester
  • Additional book resources related to LifeCast content and discipleship


What do I bring to LifeCast?

A specific packing list will be emailed to participants prior to the event.


Is travel covered/how do I get there?

Participants are responsible for providing their own transportation to the site they are attending. All transportation during the event will be provided or available.


Will I receive any resources/materials for leading a small group after the LifeCast event?

Yes. Each participant will receive a "LifeCast Pack."  This includes one teaching manual and one workbook, along with 4-6 additional workbooks for their Life Groups (small group facilitated by LifeCast participant) in the following semester. Any further resource acquisition can be discussed with ministry partners.


Will I continue to be mentored as I lead my Life group during the Fall semester?

Yes. Support and mentorship during the school year will be primarily facilitated by the ministry partner, but LifeCast staff will be available for questions and communication throughout the year as needed.


When is the deadline to sign up?

Please follow the link at the bottom of the page or contact us directly for more information on securing your spot at LifeCast.


How do I get involved?

Our hope is that each LifeCast participant be connected with a ministry partner (campus pastor, church ministry leader, etc.) for support, both financially and as a viable resource during the following semester as they lead their LifeCast small group.

As a college-age student, this connection allows you to be an active participant in a broader ministry mission. If you are a student seeking to get involved, begin brainstorming potential ministry partners and contact us using the information at the bottom of this page. LifeCast staff can help you further connect with ministry partners.


For more information, call our office at 706.238.7717 ext.2631 or email us at