History and Vision


WinShape College Program began in 1984 at Berry College when S. Truett Cathy, Founder of Chick-fil-A, began the WinShape Foundation. The original purpose of WinShape College Program focused on academic achievement, leadership potential, and community service. In 2005, WinShape College Program adopted the mission statement that “We exist to cultivate college students who will develop disciples, create community, and launch leaders to impact every generation.” Since then WinShape College Program staff and students have worked together to develop a four year developmental program in which students grow individually and communally in discipleship, community and leadership. Participants learn how to disciple others, discover and articulate their personal life purpose statement, and work together with other WinShape College Program participants to create ministry teams that engage the needs of the local community and the world. To learn more about the 4 year residential program, click here.

In the last several years, students from colleges other than Berry College have expressed interest in experiencing WinShape College Program. In 2013 a team of WinShape College Program staff, graduates and students began developing the model for DCL LifeCast that equips college students from around the country to develop disciples using significant teaching elements from the 4 year residential program. WinShape College Program successfully launched a pilot of LifeCast in summer of 2015, partnering with the Chaplain’s Office of Berry College. 


The mission of WinShape College Program is to cultivate college students who will develop disciples, create community and launch leaders to impact every generation. Two words from our mission drive the vision of WinShape College Program’s LifeCast: “Who Will.” Many college ministries treat college students as passive observers rather than as active participants—having them sit in seats to hear a speaker from the stage tell them what they need to know. LifeCast will equip every student to be an active participant—able to disciple others during their college years and beyond. We believe that college students make decisions that will forever impact the trajectory of their lives. And we believe that college students exert tremendous influence over their peers in college. We want to see a movement of Spirit-empowered, Christ following college students who are equipped to impact their campuses for the kingdom of God.

To this end, every LifeCast participant works alongside their ministry partner to identify a number of college students who agree to participate in a small group Bible study the following academic year. When a student attends LifeCast he or she will participate in training to lead their small groups through a foundational Bible study:

Odd-numbered years (e.g. 2019, 2021, 2023…) – What is our Identity in Christ? How do we live out of our Identity in Christ?
Even-numbered years (e.g. 2020, 2022, 2024…) – How do we live in Biblical Community?

Each LifeCast student not only goes through the training in each of these series, but will go through a certification process ensuring that he or she knows how to teach it to others.