LifeCast trains college students to make disciples of other college-aged students. 


LifeCast is a Christian disciple-making experience that equips college students to impact their college campuses by leading a small group of peers on their college campuses.

LifeCast is for any Christian, college-aged student.  At LifeCast, you will be equipped to disciple other college students, experience an incredible community of passionate Christ-followers, and grow deeper in your personal relationship with Christ


2019 5-Day Locations


2018 3-Day Locations

3-Day locations are hosted by one church or ministry partner at their facility.  Contact a staff member if your ministry is interested in hosting a
3-Day event!



More than just training.


Our students have repeatedly shared that LifeCast is not just a time to learn and be prepared, but a time to grow and be transformed.



Allie Pritchett

 Chickamauga, Georgia | Lifecast 2015

"It is crazy how God has taken me from 0 to 60.  I came into LifeCast with absolutely no confidence in leading a small group and I am leaving more confident than ever in God's plan for me to lead."

Jenna Johnson

Cumming, Georgia | LifeCast 2015

"I think that one of my biggest takeaways from this week is when I became a Christian 2 years ago, I began the long journey of trying to figure God out and that’s really what I had convinced myself was the thing most worth looking for. Not who I was, but who God was. And this weekend, I finally came to the realization that it is more than okay to just sit with Him and recognize His sweetness. That’s all. To be present with Him is actually THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I think I’ve ever felt."


Trey Carpenter

Columbus, Georgia | LifeCast 2016

"At LifeCast I really got to experience and learn exactly what it is like to fully be a part of a Christ-centered community.  This kind of experience has shown me exactly what I want for any future small group I am a part of, as well as what I pray the Church will look like eventually- accountable, authentic, humble, and reconciled; a complete and unified body of Christ."



from LifeCast 2017 Disciple-Makers


LifeCast was unlike anything I had ever been to before. To be completely honest, that frustrated me at first. I was expecting this to be similar to the summer camps that I grew up going to but thank the Lord that it was different! The heart and vision of LifeCast is for you to not just learn what they teach you, but to take the lessons and the skills you learn to go make disciples in Jesus’ name! I love that what you learn in the intense week of learning/teaching, is not meant to just stay in your heart and your mind, but LifeCast is set up so you are intentionally going out into your college campus or community to also share these lessons with them!

Erin Jagus

Erin is a sophomore from McDonough, GA studying Religion and Psychology. 






After coming back from LifeCast, I started my LifeGroup two weeks into the school year. Reflecting on both my time at LifeCast and with my LifeGroup, here are the big themes of what I have learned through this experience.


1. Feed yourself.

Being a Disciple-Maker is a life-giving opportunity. Some days are exhausting and draining to your emotions and spirit (doing life with people can get messy because life is messy). It is so important for you to be connected to the Father, the giver of life. Feed your soul, not just in times of preparation for leading your small group, but in sweet intentional, personal moments of just you and the Father in the morning over a cup of coffee. Also, find people who can pour into you: friends, mentors, church leaders, your campus sponsor. Community and guidance is so important and vital!

2. Progress not perfection.

This was one of our hashtags this past summer, but it has become a motto for me, a Type A perfectionist to the extreme. Being a disciple-maker is as much of a learning and growing process for you as it is for the disciples in your LifeGroup. Some weeks you are going to have a wonderful, minute-by-minute outline of everything you want to say, and then something that gets you off of that detailed outline. Let the moments of fruitful discussion happen. Let the weeks of just encouraging one another because its been a hard week happen. One thing I had to learn was that I could not plan for everything that was going to happen, but the Lord is sovereign and His timing for the lessons and discussions was perfect.

3. Vulnerability is powerful.

Let your small group be an environment where you are willing to be vulnerable and authentic with your group. For example, the first meeting of my LifeGroup in the fall, we sat outside and I shared my testimony with them. I wanted them to know where I was coming from, to know my heart and passions, and to know the places of struggle in my life. Your vulnerability will create a space for your group to feel comfortable to also be vulnerable. It also allows for more connection to happen between you and your group. If you are willing to share your life with them, they will be willing to also share their life with you.

4. Leading a small group means guiding discussion.

Leading a small group doesn’t mean that you will be talking and teaching non-stop. I am a recovering control freak (who relapses frequently), but the Lord did some work in my heart in showing me that guiding and listening is a form of leadership. Some of the most powerful moments of the Lord doing work are when you ask a question and facilitate a discussion in your group. During the training at LifeCast, these moments of

discussing some of the questions in the lesson will be one of your favorite times. It helps the lesson make more sense to you. It helps the lesson become practical for your life. It lets you see other perspectives, that you did not think of or that are completely different from yours. Sometimes this might require an awkward silence—lean into it.

5. College students are eager to know and be known.

My LifeGroup was a group of freshmen girls. I was slightly nervous about it being their first semester at college and having lots of things they would want to be involved in. These girls cut out an hour and a half each week to make coming to LifeGroup a priority. It was incredible. College is also just a wonderfully weird time. What most college students, from freshmen year to senior year, have in common is they are looking for a small group of people to walk through life with.

I’m particularly thankful for the work that the Lord did in my life this past summer through LifeCast. I can vividly remember thinking, “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life,” while listening to some of my new friends teaching one of the lessons. It was shortly after this week that I changed my major and am now pursuing to follow this calling on ministry in my life.


Nicole Harris

Nicole is a junior from Roswell, Georgia studying Music and Religion.

I had attended retreats and camps and such in the past, but I had never led a small group, so I was certain this experience would be something of a combination of the old and new for me. As I lugged my bags into what would be my room for the week and unpacked what was in them, I went through the items I brought: a Bible, journals, t-shirts, cards and letters from camp friends... All things I held close to me and saw as statements of who I am --- who I am to the people around me, who I am to myself, and who I am to God.

I glanced around at the objects and items strewn on my temporary desk, grabbed my room key, and headed down to the main building. Feeling a little insecure and sick to my stomach, but determined to keep that hidden from the people around me, I walked with a stride of capability and confidence. Day One of LifeCast would be my time to shine, so I decided, but now in gratitude I see that God had other plans for me.

From the first hour at LifeCast, I quickly realized that if I wanted to grow in the Lord that week, I would need to let my walls down. From the humorous get-to-know-you games to the very last lesson we taught together, the students of LifeCast and I all bonded over our need to open up. As we became more and more authentic, we allowed community and support to bring us closer and to point us to Jesus. Together and individually, we began to explore who we are in Christ.

Leading up to LifeCast, I had been evaluating who I am and what I am worth to God based on my works. Was I saying the right things? Was I looking and acting like a Christian? Was I being asked to serve or being given the right opportunities to prove to God, to others, to myself, that I am a loved daughter of God? I kept trying to prove God’s grace and love by works, not by receiving and living in His love. What I knew in my head was that I had to receive first to be an outpouring, but in my heart I was still trying to work, to do things on my own. I could tell my works were never enough, and I knew they wouldn’t be. I soldiered on, though, because that’s what I guessed any good Christian girl would do.

Early in LifeCast, I was getting feedback with a friend and an intern about a lesson my friend and I had just taught. After running through her feedback points, the intern asked my friend and me, “How are you both doing, spiritually?” My friend and I, a little awestruck, glanced at each other and then back at her. It felt like a loaded question…. But it helped me see the load I was carrying. After a moment of hesitant silence, I said, “Well, I guess I’ve been kind of hiding from God lately.” I started to talk about what I had been carrying, baggage of trying to work for God’s approval and running from His love. I was able to start unpacking my perceived identity.

As the week continued, all God kept reminding me of was that I am loved, that I am given community, and that He already knows me intimately; He just wants me to let myself be known and loved. Who I am is not what I try to work into myself. Who I am in Christ is not a worker trying to earn favor. Who I am in Christ is a daughter of God. I am beloved. I am called to Jesus’ love for me. I am not counted unworthy because of mistakes, but am called to a life doused in grace and growing in the righteousness Jesus has given me. Righteousness and love are not things we earn. They are what we learn, day by day, going deeper and deeper into Jesus’ love. Since the first day we each meet Jesus, we are resurrected to life, His life, eternal life, and that can never be taken away from us. Knowing that, I see again that I don’t receive love because of anything I do, but because of everything Jesus did for me: “As for you, you were dead in transgressions and sins… but because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions… For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith…not by works so that no one can boast” (Ephesians 2:1, 4, 8, 9 NIV).

Before LifeCast, I wanted to work for God. After LifeCast, I still do. That desire to work, however, is no longer fueled by the feeling of insufficiency. It is fueled by God’s love and by knowing my identity in Christ. I am not condemned, cast off, or forgotten. I am loved, I am called near, and I am a child of God. LifeCast was a beautiful place for me to release the lies I have been believing and to allow Jesus’ truth to sink into my heart and to be filled with His love. Jesus loves us so much, and His love is professed at the cross. Nothing will ever speak against His final word. I am loved.

Leaving LifeCast was hard. It was sad to say goodbye to the new friends and new community, and it was sad to see that there wasn’t another lesson to learn in the “Identity in Christ” handbook. But as I packed my bags again to go, I placed the “Identity in Christ” booklet in my car with a smile. Wherever I go, I know who I am in Christ Jesus, and I’m excited to get to tell others who they are, too.


alex killingsworth

Alex is a sophomore from Cumming, Georgia studying Religion.


You just love to tug my heart in the direction I don’t want to go, don’t you? I assume this is probably because I’m stubborn, I’m a sinner, I try to tell you, “No,” too often; I’m accurately compared to a sheep on the regular; and so many more reasons that I provide daily. These are all the reasons why I wander off the path you’ve laid out for me. Though I try to trail blaze your mountain, I usually end up finding a faster way back to the base than I do to the top. Father, thank you for not letting me turn my cheek when you presented LifeCast to me.

I said no when it was first pitched to me in March, but that was just the seed. You convicted me in July, which led me into agreeing to attend my first camp. Dad, I had no idea what you had in store for me. I had no idea you were cracking your knuckles, getting ready to move us like we had never been moved before. Eleven of us. A quiver of arrows that would be launched into our college campuses to charge for the Kingdom.

I was saved only six months prior to accepting this opportunity, and I was terrified for what was coming. You brought me to my knees in a way that I had never surrendered before. You filled me with Your spirit when I realized I was unable to do Your work by myself. If it had been my agenda, a small group would have never been in my future. You knew that and you pulled me to LifeCast anyway, but that’s just Your sense of humor. Your plans to move through our college campuses in ways never seen before are unfolding, and I truly believe You are using LifeCast for this great plan. Through the program, You challenged me more than I had ever felt before. You tore me to shreds and just when I thought it was going to stop there, You came in as faithful as ever and healed me so completely.

Putting words to the indescribable is difficult, and LifeCast is completely indescribable times a million. You took all the lies that run through my head every day and ripped them to a million pieces. You took that void created and filled it with Your truths, the actual truth, the only truth. It was a lot. It was heavy. It was terrifying. It was so unbelievably pure and beautiful. You’ve equipped me to impact the lives of those around me, and I will forever remember the work You did to bring this together with LifeCast.