More than just training.


Our students have repeatedly shared that LifeCast is not just a time to learn and be prepared, but a time to grow and be transformed.



Allie Pritchett

 Chickamauga, Georgia | Lifecast 2015

"It is crazy how God has taken me from 0 to 60.  I came into LifeCast with absolutely no confidence in leading a small group and I am leaving more confident than ever in God's plan for me to lead."

Jenna Johnson

Cumming, Georgia | LifeCast 2015

"I think that one of my biggest takeaways from this week is when I became a Christian 2 years ago, I began the long journey of trying to figure God out and that’s really what I had convinced myself was the thing most worth looking for. Not who I was, but who God was. And this weekend, I finally came to the realization that it is more than okay to just sit with Him and recognize His sweetness. That’s all. To be present with Him is actually THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I think I’ve ever felt."


Trey Carpenter

Columbus, Georgia | LifeCast 2016

"At LifeCast I really got to experience and learn exactly what it is like to fully be a part of a Christ-centered community.  This kind of experience has shown me exactly what I want for any future small group I am a part of, as well as what I pray the Church will look like eventually- accountable, authentic, humble, and reconciled; a complete and unified body of Christ."