Our Philosophy


The DCL Life stands for discipleship, community, and leadership. We believe that God has been using discipleship, community and leadership together throughout history to carry out his plans for redemption. God draws someone into an intimate relationship with Himself (discipleship), puts them in a group of people who are committed to following God (community), and He raises up men and women in that community to lead others toward God’s purposes (leadership).

In order to equip people to be part of God’s Story, we train college students in discipleship, community and leadership.



All of the programming at LifeCast will be based upon the 6 Key Experiences of the DCL Life. We believe that these 6 Experiences are vital for living out the DCL Life in and after college, and they form the basis of everything that we do at LifeCast.

Developing a Biblical Worldview

Pluralism and moral relativism mire our culture landscape. The DCL Life will equip you with sound biblical knowledge to assist you in understanding God’s Story and your place in it. The result is a firm foundation of a biblical worldview.

Establishing a Network of Supporting Relationships

Relationships are essential to healthy personal growth. You will establish a network of supporting relationships that will nurture your dreams, passions and life decisions. These relationships will propel you to be the person God desires you to be.

Making Decisions and Contributing Based on Communal Thinking

Today’s world is individualistic. We often make choices based solely on personal preference rather than what is good for the whole group. Our programming will help you learn what biblical community is and how to make choices that will benefit everyone.

Experiencing a Meaningful Leadership Opportunity

You will experience a meaningful leadership opportunity that will help you make a significant impact while in college. This experience will further prepare you for impact throughout the course of your life.

Leading from Gifts, Passions, and a Love for Jesus

We believe that leadership stems from a passionate relationship with Jesus. By developing your specific giftedness and deepening your walk with Christ, you will grow in your love for Jesus. Every believer has natural and spiritual gifts that can be used to uniquely contribute to His story.

Living Out of Our Identity in Christ

Who do you think you are? Scripture tells us that if we are in Christ our identity has been renewed and transformed. This new identity acts as the hub for the other 5 Key Experiences, helping you discern your purpose as Christ’s disciple, your function in the community and your role in leadership.